Labfolder offers users two Apps for data validation, Sign & Witness and Signature Workflows:

  • The free Sign & Witness App allows you to sign and request 1 more witness.
  • Signature Workflows, however, is a paid upgrade designed to create complex validation workflows, including multiple witnesses and the option to comment on approval or rejection actions.

In order to apply the Sign & Witness process, you need to have a non-private project shared with at least one other member, and both parties need to have the Sign & Witness add-on activated (Navigate: MANAGE > Apps). Apart from this, you need to follow the steps below.



  1. Once you have completed your entry, choose Sign entry from the vertical-dots menu.

  1. You can either sign With password or With handwritten signature, screenshot showing password option.

  1. Once you have clicked SIGN, you can witness this entry by clicking or through DASHBOARD > Witnessing.

  1. The first signature successfully applied will be visible like so.

Inviting a Witness

  1. To have someone witness, you will have to invite your designated candidate to be assigned and notified: choose Send entry to witness from the vertical-dots menu.

  1. Choose an applicable candidate from the list. If the list is not populated, you need to invite someone to the project in question to be eligible.


  1. The invitation will be accessible through DASHBOARD > Witnessing.

  1. Clicking an entry of the Witnessing assignment list will open a window much like your usually Labfolder view, albeit with just the one Entry and a WITNESS button at bottom center of the screen. It will also show the first signature.

  1. Clicking WITNESS will open a screen like the one for Sign entry, only this time titled Witness entry. Same details apply.

  1. After having executed WITNESS, the Entry will now show two signatures.