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Labfolder offers users two Apps for data validation, Sign & Witness and Signature Workflows:

  • The free Sign & Witness App allows you to sign and request 1 more witness.
  • Signature Workflows, however, is a paid upgrade designed to create complex validation workflows, including multiple witnesses and the option to comment on approval or rejection actions.

Note: If Signature Workflow is activated for the Group, Sign & Witness doesn't work for all Projects, although it is turned on in the App section.



Concept Brief

This app enables you to create custom workflows for elaborate witnessing processes. While Signature Workflows allows the user to assign multiple witnesses, track the approval or rejection of entries and even facilitates the moving of entries (to different projects), this app is conveniently structured to facilitate user-friendly usage. If you want to find out more or purchase Signature Workflows for your team, click here:

Labfolder's lavishly customisable Signature Workflows app offers the following:

  • An unlimited number of signatories (witnesses)
  • Custom approval or rejection statements to an entry
  • The ability to move entries to other projects (upon the rejection or final approval of an entry)
  • Electronic signatures that comply with FDA CFR part 11

  For a more comprehensive comparison of Signature Workflows and Sign & Witness, check our blog on this topic.


  • Signature Workflow represents a set of customisable events (signee, reviewers, acceptance or rejection) that occur when an entry needs to be approved. It can be specified who gives the signatures and whether rejections are allowed.
  • Signee (or first signatory) is the first person to sign an entry and therefore initiates the workflow. As a default, the entry author is selected as the signee, but this can be changed to any group member if needed.
  • Reviewers are assigned to ensure the scientific quality and standards of the documented research. Labfolder allows you to select as many persons for the reviewing process as you need.
  • Intentions allow the user to add a statement or label to the given signatures. These can be set to describe the action taken by the signee or reviewer, for example Signed by, Reviewed by or Rejected by. The intentions will appear in the entry footer.
  • Actions can be used to apply custom comments and tags or even move entries to a different project upon rejection or final approval. In this section it is further ensured that the first signatory can at any point withdraw the reviewing process.


Signature Workflows is a paid extension that offers many advantages over the simple Sign & Witness implementation. It is best to talk to an expert from Labforward about it. This website offers a convenient way to approach a consultant. As soon as purchased successfully, the app will be active and ready to use.

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