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Labfolder offers users two Apps for data validation, Sign & Witness and Signature Workflows:

  • The free Sign & Witness App allows you to sign and request 1 more witness.
  • Signature Workflows, however, is a paid upgrade designed to create complex validation workflows, including multiple witnesses and the option to comment on approval or rejection actions.

Organization of a Signature Workflow

The Signature Workflow can be accessed through MANAGE > Signature Workflows page. Here, all workflows are organised within Labfolder groups which are accessible by group tabs.

All signature workflows are alphabetically ordered by title. The owner is the team member who created it and is, together with the group admin, the only one who can edit the workflow. Additionally, information about the date on which the signature workflow was last modified and the date it was created can be seen. The status column refers to the status of the workflow, which can be:

  • Draft: The workflow is in the creation and editing process, but cannot be used yet.
  • Published: The workflow is ready to use, but has not been assigned to any entry yet. Its editing is still possible.
  • Active: The workflow is being applied to at least one entry. At this point, it can no longer be edited. In order to modify the workflow, it needs to be Unpublished (for details see Editing a Signature Workflow).

Create a Signature Workflow

  1. Go to MANAGE > Signature Workflows.


  1. A pop-up window will open with the following numbered steps:
    (1) Enter a name for the workflow.

  1. (2) Select the project(s) the workflow is supposed to applied to.

  1. (3) "Signature 1": Here you may determine …
    1. … who is to sign first. Usually, the author of the entry will sign first.
      Please note that it is possible to have someone else sign first just as well.
    2. … why a signature is needed and how the signature will be labeled. (INTENTIONS)
    3. … which further options shall apply: Whether a signature may be revoked,  whether a comment and whether tags may be added. (ACTIONS)

  1. (3) "Signature 2": Have you opted for the author to sign first, you may now want to choose a specific group member to sign second. In that case, you have to choose from a list. However, not every entry may be eligible. You may also decide that the second signatory may refuse to sign and whether an email will notify that a signature is expected. INTENTIONS and ACTIONS as in step 5.

  1. As many further signatures may be added as are needed to comply with your policies and regulations. The steps will either look like the one before (step 6) or the one before that (step 5).

  1. Please note that you may choose whether signed Entries shall automatically me moved to a certain other project (e.g. "Signed Entries") for better clarity. By default Entries will not be moved.

  1. Finally, you may SAVE AS A DRAFT (not yet applicable) or PUBLISH (applicable) by clicking respectively, depending on whether you would still like to work on it or are already done.

Note: Once published, you may always unpublish a Signture Workflow when in edit mode, if it occurs that further editing will necessary before the Signature Workflow will be applicable.

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