Filtering the Notebook View

Modified on Wed, 15 May 2024 at 11:33 AM

In the Notebook view, you can not only see your own entries, but all the entries you have access to. The Filter functionality at the top can help you find a specific entry more quickly. Any combination of Filter criteria is possible and the Filter is additive.


Through Notebook you can apply the following Filters: 

Filter for Projects

1. Go to Sidebar > NOTEBOOK2. To Filter for Projects in the Notebook view:

  1. Click Projects in the Filter bar at the top panel. All Projects in the Group Projects folder and subfolder that you have access to are displayed. The number after the header, Projects, tells you the number of Projects currently selected. 
  2. Right of the magnifying glass, type the Project name that you want to search for. 
  3. Or click the checkboxes to select the Projects you want to display in the Notebook. Selecting a folder will select all Projects in the folder. 
  4. Click on Apply Filters to sort your view. 
  5. Choose Clear selection to deselect all Projects. 

Note: In any case, changes to the current Filter setting will not take effect until they are confirmed by clicking APPLY (Filter setting).

Filter for Tags

Note: This only works if the entry has any Tags associated with it, you are unable to Filter for entries without Tags using this function.

1.  Go to Sidebar > Notebook.

2. To Filter for Tags in the Notebook view:

  1. Click Tags in the Filter bar at the top panel. All Tags will be listed in alphabetical order. The number in brackets after the header, Tags, tells you the number of currently selected Tags. 
  2. Click on the cell marked Find a Tag... and type in the Tag.
    Note: Typing into the text field automatically triggers the Filter function. Only the Tags that match your search criteria will continue to be displayed. 

  3. Scroll through the dropdown list and click on the respective Tag. You’re able to select more than one Tag to help refine your search. Selecting one Tag will reduce the number of Tags shown next because the Filter is additive. 
  4. Click on APPLY (Filter setting) to sort your view by the selected Tags.
  5. Choose CLEAR SELECTION to deselect all Tags or click on on the right side of the Tag. 

Filter for Dates


To Filter for Dates in the Notebook view:

  1. Click Dates in the Filter bar at the top panel. 
  2. Select a category of dates: Created Date, Last Modified Date, or Custom Date
  3. To set the range of dates click on the cells to select a starting and an ending date. 
  4. Click on Apply Filters to sort your view by the selected dates or time frame.
  5. Choose CLEAR SELECTION to reset defined date ranges. 

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