In the Notebook view, rather than adding a new, empty entry, you can always employ a pre-filled Template instead. Please note that a Labfolder Entry created from Template can be edited in exactly the same way as an empty entry .

To be using a Template, please follow the steps below:

  1. Press the + ADD button on the top left side of the page and click on Entry from Template
    Note: If you are currently viewing multiple projects in the Notebook view, you will be asked which project you would like the new entry to be located in. Choose a project and confirm by clicking Select Project. To avoid this you can first go over MANAGE > SELECT PROJECT and open the project that you’d like to insert a Template in. 

  2. In a new pop-up window you can choose from any available Template, i.e. all the Templates either created by or shared with you. 
  3. A new entry will be created, containing all content of the loaded Template. 
    1. The entry’s name will be a default placeholder as indicated, allowing you to enter a new title as well. To change it click on the Pencil icon.
    2. The inserted Template can be further edited, exactly like a normal entry.