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Labfolder not only offers a convenient text interface with many editing functions, but also creates a text element by default in each new entry so that you can immediately start recording. In case you don’t need it, you can of course remove it. And if you have removed it, you can put yet another text element back in later. It’s your Labfolder.


Insert text

  1. Go to the NOTEBOOK module.

  1. To add a text element, click on the Add text element icon in the element toolbar or drag the symbol to the place where you want it to be located.

  1. Enter your text and use the formatting options in the toolbar to modify your text. 
  2. Click the floppy disk icon to save changes.

Formatting options

The toolbar of the text element in an entry offers you various possibilities to format and edit your text. This includes:

  • icons to define headlines (1), quotes (2), and line height (3);

  • font family and size (4), general font editing options (5), 

  • and more, such as font or background color (6); icons to apply paragraph formatting (7), generate lists (8) and indent (9);

  • icons that will allow you to insert link (10), table (11), and special character (12);

  • action icons, to clear formatting (13), undo or redo (14) the editing steps; and additional tools, such as entry referencing (15) and code view (16).

Table in text element

Tip: Just as with any Office Suite you can also insert tables (11) into a text element. For elaborate tables including formulae and conditional formatting, however, using spreadsheet table elements as described in the article "Insert tables and graphs" will be necessary.

Entry reference

The Entry referencing tool in the Text Element allows you to connect different entries from the ELN. This includes your own entries as well as shared entries.

  1. Open the Entry in which you would like to insert an Entry reference and then add or edit a Text Element.
  2. In this Text Element, click the Entry references icon (15).

  1. Click on the cell noted Search for an entry in the pop-up titled Insert entry reference. Entries created by or shared with you will show up in alphabetical order by entry title. The entry author and projects to which the entry belongs are displayed as well. To search for an Entry, start typing the title. The list will be filtered as you are typing words into the cell already.
  2. Choose the desired Entry from the list by clicking.
  3. Click Insert to add the entry reference. Each entry allows an unlimited number of references. To access the reference, click on the respective hyperlink.

  1. The link will appear in the text field displaying the entry’s details. Upon clicking the link, the entry will open up in another tab.

Note: Since only the titled Entries can be found, only those can be referenced. Therefore, make sure to always add a title to your Entries so that they can be referenced by you and your colleagues. Any inserted reference to an Entry will always link to its recent-most version.

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