Figshare is an online open access repository where researchers can preserve and share their research outputs, including figures, datasets, images, and videos. Labfolder incorporates with Figshare in order to facilitate import of files from this workspace.

Activate the app

  1. Navigate to MANAGE > Apps.

  1. Activate the Figshare app by clicking ACTIVATE.

Note:  It may be that Labfolder Figshare app is deactivated by configuration. In that case you cannot activate the app. Please, ask your local admin for advice.


  1. You can import new files from Figshare to your Notebook by clicking the entry in which you would like to import the file and choosing the Upload file option. Click on From Figshare.

  1. When using Figshare you may directly access content published through the platform or publish your own content first. The dialogue that opens offers a search interface.

  1. You may now browse what the search algorithm has found for you or modify your query.

  1. When you have made your pick you will confirm your selection by clicking UPLOAD FILE and thus start the upload.